Number of minimum firefighter/paramedics on duty at a time

We wanted to give you the opportunity to ask us any of the questions you have regarding us, the department, our goals, the referendum... or whatever you'd like.

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How will this referendum impact the rural areas Beaver Dam Fire & Rescue protects?

By contract, the Beaver Dam Fire & Rescue protects all of the Town of Beaver Dam, and portions of the Towns of Calamus, Lowell, Trenton, and Westford. The elected officials of these five Towns make up the Beaver Dam Community Fire & Rescue Association.

The Beaver Dam Community Fire & Rescue Association pays the City of Beaver Dam for Fire and EMS protection. Currently the contracted townships are responsible for about 20% of the total cost of the Fire Department’s operational budget. If the referendum is successful, the financial burden the Beaver Dam Community Fire & Rescue Association will increase because the operational fire department budget will increase.

The City of Beaver Dam and the Beaver Dam Community Fire & Rescue Association are currently in discussion over parts of the current contract related to the economic impact as it relates to the referendum.

Is the second/North side station part of this referendum?

No. This referendum is only for the 6 Firefighter/Paramedics.

Is the Full-Time Fire Inspector and/or Training Chief that was proposed part of this referendum?

No. Only the 6 Firefighter/Paramedics.

Is the Fire Department getting any extra equipment/fire trucks/ambulances in this referendum?



Please ask us, your Beaver Dam, WI Firefighters, any questions you may have. We'd be happy to answer anything from "Why are fire engines red?" to "How much will the November 2020 referendum cost?".

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What does the November 3rd 2020 Beaver Dam Fire Department referendum entail?

The November referendum, if approved by Beaver Dam city voters, will allow the tax levy limits to be exceeded and will fund the addition of six full-time career firefighter/paramedics to the staff of the Beaver Dam Fire Department. 

Will a second fire station, new trucks, or a training facility be included in the November referendum?

No. The November referendum is based solely upon the addition of the 6 firefighter/paramedics. No new facilities, apparatus, or other equipment will be added to the bill. Staff to safely protect our city is our highest priority.​