I know first hand how important it is to have immediate response times in a moment of crisis. The Beaver Dam Fire Department paramedics were there for me and my family when we needed them most, and for that we are forever grateful. It is crucial that we as a community support the fire department's efforts to ensure this high quality of service continues in the future.


Jake Lentscher, D.C.

On April 3, 2018, I received a desperate and devastating call from my nineteen year old daughter that our home was on fire. after confirming she was physically fine, my next question was “Did you call 911?” She assured me the fire department was already there.


Upon arriving home, I was instantly greeted by a very compassionate fire crew that had just extinguished the fire. Their first priority was to make sure I got to my daughter and then help us gather our very scared pets. Later that evening as I was able to piece together the events of that afternoon, I discovered that an off-duty firefighter (my neighbor) who had heard the call to the fire station was first on the scene. He had rushed into my house with no protective gear for himself to try and put out the fire with a fire extinguisher. After using the entire extinguisher, he exited the house as his on-duty co-workers arrived. They quickly extinguished the fire.


I was informed the next day by the fire inspector that I was within four minutes of losing my entire home. Questions still haunt me. What if my smoke detector had not gone off to alert my daughter of the fire? What if my neighbor had not risked his life to slow the fire down? What if the fire department had been out on multiple calls at the time and had been delayed responding?


I was lucky. After four months, my family was able to return to our home. Listening to the dodge county scanner, brings back fear for me. Regularly, actually at an alarming rate, the fire department pages for off-duty personal to come in. If the fire department had been out on multiple incidents that day, I would have lost my home completely even with the heroic efforts of my neighbor. Beaver Dam has a need for more fire personal, equipment and another fire station. I am hoping that the community supports these fire fighters and does everything to help them continue to do their jobs effectively.

Stacey Rhea 

Beaver Dam Resident

On the morning of February 9th, 2019. Mine and my family's lives changed forever. Just after 10, I went into cardiac arrest at home in bed. According to the American Heart Association, 9 out of 10 people who experience and out of the hospital cardiac arrest don't make it.

At 10:08am, my husband called 911, with paramedics arriving on scene minutes later. Over the next 15 minutes the paramedics worked tirelessly to save my life, providing me medications, and had to defibrillate me 3 times. On the third an final shock was given at 10:23am, I got a heart rhythm that was able to support life. Had the paramedics arrived even a minute or two later, I wouldn't be here today, to not just tell my story but continue to watch my beautiful family and grandchildren grow. Every member, volunteer and employee at the Beaver Dam Fire Department work tirelessly every single day, striving to make our community safer and provide the care we need, when we need it the most. By providing another 6 members to their team, we are allowing them to better serve our community not only by having the extra EMTs/Paramedics; thus allowing response times to remain lower during high call volume, but also lessening the mental and physical stress of little rest, allowing them to better operate in some of our most critical and urgent times.

Had BDFD had more calls than there currently able to cover at  the same time on the morning of February 9th 2019. I may have not survived, waiting for another town to cover.  The EMTs/Paramedics are my heroes.   Please consider voting YES, to help our BDFD better serve our community, when the time is critical, and we need them the most.

Sharon Chapman 

Beaver Dam, WI

To whom it may concern,

I am writing this as a mother and former firefighter and hope you really listen to what I have to say. In Nov of 2016, my 19 yr old son Dylan had an asthma attack. My mom called 911 as he stopped breathing and they instructed her on how to do CPR. This all happened in Beaver Dam. Paramedics arrived and took Dylan to the BD hospital where he was put on life support. They did an inner facility transport to Madison but had to stop in Sun Prairie as he coded again. Those paramedics waited at the BD hospital and at Sun Prairie. Dylan was then med flighted to Madison where he passed away 2 days later.

The point is If Dylan hadn't had the support from the BD paramedics he wouldn't have made it to Madison. We donated all the organs that we could to people who needed them. Please know that paramedic intercepts and inter facility transports save people's lives and they need to remain in place. Beaver Dam is a growing community and it really needs these services. My son is a hero because The BD Fire Dept did their job and I am so grateful for everything!! Please don't take that away.


A former BD resident....Crystal Waterworth


September 3, 2020


It is my distinct pleasure to write a letter of recommendation for the Beaver Dam Fire Department and its Emergency Services division.

On July 23, 2008 I was involved in a serious, life-threatening industrial accident in the town of Beaver Dam. Near death when the emergency team arrived, I was told by the physicians who ultimately managed my care at UW Hospital in Madison, that had I not been cared for as well as I was before I was transported via MedFlight, I would not have survived. It is not hard to imagine that I would not have lived, nor ever walked again without the extraordinary skill, focus and training employed by this incredible team of professionals.

In an inordinate quirk of coincidence (or bad luck), nine years and one day later, on July 24, 2017, I was involved in a serious motorcycle accident in the city of Beaver Dam. Again, my life-threatening injuries were tended with extraordinary care and I was transferred to UW Hospital in Madison via ambulance. And again, the physicians who ultimately managed my care underscored the quality of care that I received before transport and reiterated that it most certainly saved my life and prohibited further injury.

I am only able to write this letter, live my life and enjoy time with my friends and family because of the quick-thinking, skilled level of professionalism exhibited by the Beaver Dam Fire Department and its emergency personnel. I am more grateful than you could begin to know.


Timothy M. Fletcher

Burnett, Wisconsin

Vote Yes for the public safety referendum someday it may save your life like it did mine. Five years ago I was stung by a wasp and went into Anaphylactic shock. An off duty paramedic was the first to arrive to help. Once the ambulance and other paramedics arrived I was put in the ambulance and they secured my air way for me. I believe if we wouldn’t have paramedics in Beaver I would not have survived and I wouldn’t have seen my children graduate from high school. My family and I are thankful for the paramedic team the help me that night every day. This why my family and I are voting yes for public safety referendum.

Thank you

Tom Kasper and Family


At the time of my crash, all I knew was I needed to get out of the car, and I needed to know my son was OK. When I heard one of the EMTs say he had a pulse when checking my boy, I was able to concentrate on helping the first responders pull me out of the wreckage. I don’t remember much after that, though I know I lay somewhere while people talked to me before loading me onto a helicopter. Months later, after I learned to walk again, I met with the Beaver Dam Fire Department personnel who had been on the scene of my crash. There, I learned that it had been the worst (up to that point) motor vehicle crash scene Chief Mannel had been called to since moving to Beaver Dam. I learned that the EMTs felt bad that they had to leave me lying on the ground, broken in two, without care because they needed to put all their efforts in trying to save my son. (Sadly, he died a few days later in the hospital.) I learned that what felt like ten minutes to me lying on the ground waiting for the helicopter was literally almost an hour. On the scene, there were three of us needing medical assistance. There were two of us trapped in a vehicle, one of whom, my son, the EMTs struggled with figuring out how to extract without damaging his body further. I can’t imagine what we would have done if help hadn’t been there, had there been no one caring for us. I don’t remember how many personnel were on the scene, but I can’t imagine what would have happened had another major catastrophe— fire, crash, water rescue—happened at the same time. Without a fully staffed BDFD, would that mean instead of personnel working extensively trying to keep keep my boy alive, I would have departed the scene, still in shock and without him? I can’t thank the BDFD and Chief Mannel enough for their top-notch training and care of myself and my son during the worst experience of my life. They are a highly trained department covering a large amount of territory at a time when the need is outgrowing the staffing. I will forever be grateful for the work they did for me and the work they continue to do for the community.

Judy Haddad Cty A, Unincorporated Beaver Dam Crash Survivor